Carry Sophistication And Style With Chanderi Silk Sarees

Posted by Admin on May, 28, 2019

Saree is one of the classy outfits that represent the incredible culture of India and it is an outfit that can never be out of fashion. It looks wonderful on any women and is also favored by all. A special sophistication is attached to this attire. When it comes to the specifications, chanderi silk sarees come on the top among the hundreds of varieties of sarees.

Origin of Chanderi Silk

Chanderi sarees originated from a small place in Madhya Pradesh called Chanderi. Chanderi is a small town in Madhya Pradesh, famous for its handlooms since the reign of the Scindia royal family. Chanderi fabric is made with silk and fine cotton which reflects the patterns found in the temples of Chanderi. This fabric is one of the most desired fabrics to both summers as well as winters due to its comfy texture and feel.

What’s so special about Chanderi Sarees?

The best part of the chanderi sarees is the congruence that it maintains between the body and the border of the saree. It simply adds grace to the outfit. The most usual patterns available are the off white color on the body and the various colors on the border. Chanderi silk sarees have a zari patti, in which the design is enriched by using butis and themes in the body of the saree.

Various designs, colors, and patterns are available in chanderi silk, which are used for crafting elegant sarees to stylize Indian beauty. Chanderi silk is the most preferred fabric for making party style sarees due to the shine in the cloth. Chanderi silk embroidered saree can surely steal the heart of onlookers.

Embellishment made to chanderi sarees

The range offered by the printed Chanderi silk saree suppliers in Jaipur has a special shimmer with an elegant and elusive gold thread used in the borders and for the themes. One of the special traits is the kind of thread used in its weaving. These beautiful sarees are embellished with

• Thread,

• Pearl,

• Patch,

• Resham,

• Kundan,

• Stones,

• Semi Precious Stones,

• Crystals,

• Beads,

• Pearls,

• Thread Work,

• Gotta Work,

• Sequins,

• Embroidery,

• Zari Work Etc.

The artistic and exclusive design patterns of chanter sarees often come with different traditional patterns as crystals or beads work. The color scheme of such sarees, especially black is also tending to be unconventional and bold looking. Except for that other colors like tan, white, beige, or gold also bring some edgy or dramatic shades to the sarees. The traditional pieces of chanderi sarees are recognized for its distinctive characteristics which are – its translucent and sheering material and Chanderi temple art design pattern. Today, most of the commonly seen motifs include celestial figures, lotuses, geometric patterns, peacocks and other animal figures, and artistic interweaving lines. With all these specifications the designers are making huge varieties of Chanderi silk sarees as per the taste of the new generation.

If you are planning to buy a unique piece, approach the reputed printed Chanderi silk saree manufacturers. They make sure that the offered attire is in sync with the current market trends.

Make a safe purchase after enquiring about the suppliers and reading public reviews.

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